You must read these terms and conditions – by enrolling for any of our courses you are accepting and agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions. If you would like to clarify any aspect or you do not have the authority to agree to terms, please contact us.

  1. Enrolments

At Creative City, we always strive to give you clear and concise information regarding all of our courses, allowing you to make an informed decision before going through our enrolment process.

Information is provided through our website and through our advisors via e-mail, telephone or in person on the content of our courses, any previous learning requirements needed, course duration and cost.

In completing the enrolling process and paying for your course, you are confirming that you have received enough information to make an informed decision and that the course you have chosen is suited to your needs and abilities.

Computer literacy is a prerequisite for enrolment of any computer-based course at Creative City.

  1. Payment

Payments must be made in full by the start of the course. Once confirmation is received, we will issue you with a receipt. However, we advise you to confirm seat availability before making any payment.

Account No: 1220447206

All course costs stated cover:

  • your training digital manual and drawing materials only
  • tutor support
  • training venue
  1. Course Materials

Trainees will need the following materials for the training;

  • A 7.5M measuring tape
  • A4 Folder
  • A set-of-six poster colour pack with brushes
  • Black, blue, red and green markers
  • A4 Sketch (Drawing) pad


  1. Training Materials Copyright
  • No part of our training materials or its associated exercise files may be shared with anyone. It is solely for the use of the student it was given to as legally, the copyright of any article belongs to the author, Creative City.
  1. Conduct

It is expected of all trainees to be of good conduct, acting maturely and civil at all times within the premises of this academy. A few guidelines are provided below;

  • Be respectful to the facilitator and other students.
  • Avoid being a distraction during training. The personal use of phones and other digital devices are not allowed in training rooms.
  • Completely avoid the use of vulgar and swear words as we expect all communication to be decent.
  1. Certification

All trainees are entitled to a certificate at the end of the training program. Certificates attract no extra costs and are issued after the student has met all conditions required, particularly the completion and submission of all assignments and projects before graduation day.

Thank you kindly for reading our Terms and Conditions. We wish you every success in taking up learning with Creative City.