Design Learning Centre

Interior Design and Decoration, Web Design, Graphic Design, 3D Visualization and Animation training.
We are situated at Festac Town, Lagos and we are YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR DESIGN EDUCATION in Nigeria!

What We're About

Creative City was established in 2012 as a private, independent learning centre to serve the educational needs of the Design professions in Nigeria.
Two unique qualities set us apart: first, the development of carefully designed course programmes designed by a practicing professional and second, our courses are suited to a non-traditional institution, catering to the direct academic needs and career objectives of our trainees.


Creative City is committed to advancing exceptional design skills in our trainees by providing access to quality education through innovative, affordable and flexible delivery.


• Excellence without compromise
• Education that inspires 
• Design ability is within everyone’s reach


To become Africa’s largest provider of world-class design education.


• Offer flexible study paths to a diverse range of students
• Deliver outstanding education that embodies a spirit of enterprise, employability and ambition
• Provide a fulfilling environment that enables all trainees to feel comfortable at the highest possible level
• Raise individual aspirations and promote personal development