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Interior Design Visualization

Course Information

Learn how to visualize your interior design scenes from modelling to post-production

3D visualization is the best thing to happen to the design industry in recent years. It gives the designer the ability to bring a design idea to photographic life. This course teaches you how to fully utilize 3D visualization for your interior design practice. You will be taught how to model your spaces, add relevant furniture and accessories, simulate real-life materials and finishes, natural and artificial lighting and post-production effects.
Some benefits are:
• A better, more efficient, more productive way to design
• Live interaction with your imagined design ideas
• Compare different design options
• Vast Library of Interior Design components
• Perfect design communication with clients

Course Software

The softwares to be taught in this training are:

  • Archicad, for modelling spaces and adding initial furniture
  • 3ds Max with Vray, for adding materials, finishes, furniture, lighting and rendering
  • Photoshop, for post-production enhancement

Training Packages

Course Software: ARCHICAD ONLY
Course Fee: N40,000
Course Delivery Method: In class and Online
Course Duration: ONE MONTH

IDV GRADE 2 (this covers grade 1 too)
Course Fee: N100,000
Course Delivery Method: In class and Online
Course Duration: TWO MONTHS

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