Creative City Interior Design Learning Centre



Course Information

At Creative city, we don’t just help you learn interior design, we give you the tools to master it. We encourage our students to develop and nurture their natural sense of flair and creativity.

The programme has been designed in response to the need of the design industry and it is structured to integrate the latest industry development. We also teach the technical and practical skills necessary to make your design ideas real.

Our facilitators are practising interior designers or architects, who actively participate in continuous professional development.

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to provide your clients with design solutions that are as practical as they are visually pleasing, and you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to implement your design ideas successfully.

So, if you are serious about a career in Interior Design or you simply want to learn from the best, we invite you to take the next step now in designing your future and enrol at Creative City. Our course brings you everything you need to achieve a successful career in Interior Design.


Course Summary

Interior Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as to best serve the particular purpose of a space.

This course consists of 12 modules which will help you build your knowledge, technical skill, help you become a first rate designer and enable you design residential, corporate and commercial spaces.

There are exercises which will require you to participate in the design experience, thereby helping you build your confidence in design.

You will be given a new understanding to help you learn how to see and what to look for when observing design in the world around you.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive your certificate in Interior Design and be set for your adventure in your professional career.


Core Course Deliverables

The following are some of the deliverables you acquire from this training:

  • Discover our intelligent approach to design
  • Learn design principles & development
  • Professional manual and computer-aided presentation methods (2D and 3D)
  • Proper ways to sell your proposal to a potential client
  • Colour management and consultancy
  • Discover the variety of finishes available to the interior designer
  • The step-by-step process of Interior design project management
  • Business marketing and Client sourcing
  • Execute simulated interior design projects



Course Schedule

The following are the next available dates for our full and part time courses:

Certificate Course in Interior Design and Decoration full time                             6th Mar, 2018 - 27th Apr, 2018

Duration - 2 months          Lecture days - Tuesdays and Fridays        Lecture hours - 10am to 2pm          Course fee - N60,000


Certificate Course in Interior Design and Decoration part time                           20th Jan 2018 - 31st Mar, 2018

Duration - 3 months                   Lecture days - Saturdays                   Lecture hours - 10am to 3pm                    Course fee - N60,000

Certificate Course in Interior Design and Decoration crash course                                                Not Fixed

Duration - 2 week             Lecture days - Monday to Friday                   Lecture hours - 10am to 2pm               Course fee - N100,000

This training option is intended for students within or outside Lagos who can't make out the time to attend our regular 2-month course. Course content and delivery is exactly the same. 

Certificate Course in Interior Design and Decoration corporate study                                      Fixed on request

Duration - 2 week       Lecture days - Monday to Saturday       Lecture hours - 9am to 4pm        Course fee - N80,000/participant

This training option is intended for groups who desire to be trained in a facility to be provided by them. If you are a group of individuals or a corporate body with a minimum of 4 participants, in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria, you can contact us for a training arrangement as such.

Training Facility

Our training facility is equipped with:

- A dedicated, air-conditioned studio for Interior design training
- Flatscreen TV for audio/visual training 
- Four students per class (maximum)
- A library of design magazines and books

You get a free soft copy of our training guide!

Course Outline 

> Interior Design Intelligence

Different Facets of Interior Design

Creativity & Technicality in Design

Balancing Functionality & Aesthetics

The Basis For Design

The Uniqueness of "Design" & "Decoration"

Interior Design Psychology

Design Factors & Considerations

> Technical and Communication Skills

The Importance of effective Communication

Who Do Interior Designs Communicate With?

Types of Interior Design drawings

Understanding Design Drawings

Drawing Lecture

Mastering The Measuring Systems

Design Guidelines

Colour Study

Colour Theory

Colour Combination

Colour Psychology

Choosing Colours for a Building

> Finishes

Flooring Types

Wall Finishes

Ceiling Types

Quantifying Materials

> Furniture

Classes of furniture

Wardrobe and Kitchen Design

> Lighting

Maximizing Natural Light

Lighting Methods

> Window Covering

Types of curtains

Curtain measurement

> Project Management Knowledge    for Interior Design

Stages of Interior Design Project Management

Project Costing and Scheduling

Interior Design Business Class

Entry Requirements

No qualifications required. Just an interest and enthusiasm for interior design.